Comedy: Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican
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Preston Guild Hall

The lights go down and a diminutive blonde appears on stage. She could be your best mate, your colleague or your sister, so determinedly un-showbiz is she. Then she opens her mouth. And the crowds erupts. Because she is rude. Very rude.

Imagine your mum, while pouring out the tea, suddenly sharing the finer points of her sex life – and the accompanying bladder weakness – with your boyfriend in language bluer than her rinse. That kind of rude. Cringing at her honesty laugh out loud rude.

And it works.

Sarah Millican is riding a wave of popularity that has seen her tour sold out at all venues. Her mixture of familiar girl next door pleasantness with jarring sex and toilet humour has hit a note with a British public clearly much in need of a proper laugh.

Sarah endears herself to the crowd at Preston’s Guild Hall with her honesty. She’s a size 16 and honest about it, at 36 she has already endured a divorce which inspired her stand up career in the first place. And current relationship with her comedian boyfriend provides further stand up fodder.

She relies heavily on interaction with a sometimes mortified front row (sit there at your peril..); her ability to zoom in on very real emotions and conversational taboos has the receptive audience almost crying with laughter (skidmarks, anyone?).

But she is more than a nice girl with a potty mouth. It is her storytelling, her matter-of-fact relaying of information which almost anyone else would have deadly secret that is the key to her formula of success. Her wearing of her insecurities on her sleeve – her weight, her clothes – is extremely endearing (and for the record she is hardly Bella Emberg, although Gok would have something to say) relates her to the women in the crowd.

Sarah is a star on the rise and she has added new dates to her tour. Go see her if you can.

Nicola Adam