... and he’s also set for busy year on television

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Adam will be on our TV screens a fair bit over the next year or so.

He is appearing in Silent Witness and has been making a drama for BBC4 about the young Winston Churchill when he was fighting in World War One and writing love letters home to Clemmie. He said: “I was relieved I didn’t have to do the voice and be the fat guy smoking a cigar. It was a very interesting experience, filming in this whole trench system that everyone uses in Ipswich.”

He is really excited about working with one of his heroes Christopher Guest, one of the stars of This is Spinal Tap, the classic spoof documentary film about a superstar rock band. The show, being made for HBO and being shown on BBC2, is also a mockumentary, called Family Tree. Guest directed and co-wrote the show.

It stars Chris O’Dowd, from Bridesmaids and The IT Crowd, as a young man trying to trace his family origins who discovers a whole group of relatives he never new existed, including Adam’s character.

Adam said: “There was not really a script as such, it was all improvised. Chris O’Dowd would be riffing away and I would be trying to keep up with him. He was on fire.

“It was one of those annoying situations where you think of things you wish you’d said afterwards! You just have to give in and trust that Christopher got what he wanted. He’s very sophisticated in how he casts people.”