TechTalk: LG strikes deal with Mercedes for semi-driverless cars

2015 Mercedes cars will use LG smart tech
2015 Mercedes cars will use LG smart tech
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Self-driving cars might be the way we’re all getting to work one day, but for LG and Mercedes, vehicles will use autonomous tech to make driving a hitch - without taking away control entirely.

The luxury car maker has announced it is teaming up with LG to put self-driving tech in its next fleet of semi-autonomous self-driving cars.

The cars will use cameras to detect objects in the road and brake automatically, keep the car in the correct lane and automatically dim headlights for oncoming traffic.

The systems will even monitor the driver’s eyes for alertness to protect against drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Rather than doing everything, the driver will still keep control of the vehicle - the tech just helps enhance the experience and make the drive easier and safer.