TechTalk: Give it a chai and get the perfect cuppa

The KRUPS coffee maker
The KRUPS coffee maker
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Whether you want to brew up a storm or chill with a coffee, we’ve filtered out the best drinks machines for you.

A wise choice for tea lovers is the Tea Maker from Sage.

It may be a tiny bit pretentious, but this kettle promises to revolutionise the way you drink tea.

A motorised basket automatically lowers tea leaves into and out of the water at precisely the right time.

It has 15 pre-programmed settings, plus fully variable temperature, tea strengths and custom controls. It even has a programmable start feature so your cuppa will be ready for you when you wake up. I’m not sure what more you could want.

The futuristic-looking KRUPS Dolce Gusto Oblo Hot Drinks Machine is stylish, compact and easy to use. Working with Nescafé Dolce Gusto pods, you can take your pick from a huge selection, including espresso macchiato, cappuccino, lungo, mocha, chai tea and hot chocolate.

You can also use the lever to control the water temperature for pods that require cold water such as the Nesta peach and lemon iced tea.

The drip tray can be adjusted to four heights so you can fit in the right cup for your drink, whether it’s an espresso, latte or something more exotic.

All the coffee grounds stay in the pods so there is no mess to clean up. A handy auto shut-off after five minutes keeps things safe and saves energy.

Chocolate connoisseurs can treat themselves to a large mug of hot chocolate just before bedtime with the hot chocolate maker from Bodum.

With the Chocolatiere you can make a delicious hot chocolate drink in no time, with a rich and creamy layer of froth, thanks to its piston system to whip the hot chocolate.

The manual machine has a little propeller inside the jug that mixes the chocolate and thickens and froths.

Simply warm up your milk and pour into the jug, then add either real chocolate, syrup or cocoa powder and pump the handle up and down until it reaches a rich frothy consistency.