Sheffield teachers inspire new film that throws spotlight on profession

Teachers from Firth Park Academy in Sheffield have helped to create a new film capturing life ‘through the eyes of a teacher,’

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 12:08 pm
Updated Monday, 13th May 2019, 12:57 pm
Film reveals life 'through the eyes of a teacher'

The new short film, which was inspired by research, into the public’s perception of influence, was created in collaboration with the national Get Into Teaching campaign.

Footage in the film, captured in and between real lessons, highlights the every-day interactions that can make teaching as a career such a rewarding one - with feedback from students on what they believe makes a good teacher.

Javaad Ahmed, Nick Melson and Charmaine Barrett, from Firth Park Academy are showcased in the video, alongside teachers from Ark Academy in Wembley, bringing to life how teachers across the country are inspiring and helping shape the next generation. Recent research found 82 per cent of the public believe school teachers are very or quite influential on the lives of others, second only to parents and friends.

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The heart-warming film follows teachers from the school gates, through the corridors and into the classrooms, giving a first-hand perspective of life in schools through their eyes. Teachers used the opportunity to explain what makes the job so special and students, what they think life as a teacher is like.

More than half of the general public revealed they remembered the name of their favourite teacher and almost two-thirds are grateful to a teacher or teachers for the influence they had in shaping the person they are today – demonstrating the lasting impact that a good teacher can have. The film prompts teachers to consider the impact they have on their pupils.

Maths teacher Javaad said: “Teaching is demanding but highly rewarding. I come to school knowing I’m making a difference and that is something that’s really powerful.”

The film, which is being shared on social media, aims to celebrate the profession and reach more people who may be considering teaching as a career.