Superb ice cream at a cool farm

Our Cow Molly at Cliffe House Farm.
Our Cow Molly at Cliffe House Farm.
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It is every child’s dream - somewhere you go for refreshments that only sells ice cream.

Delicious, creamy ice cream at that, made in lots of original flavours but all equally amazing.

Our Cow Molly at Cliffe House Farm.

Our Cow Molly at Cliffe House Farm.

Ok there are other things on sale, mainly drinks but even some of those are made using ice cream.

It is as if Willy Wonka grew fed-up of chocolate and decided to try something frozen instead but wanted it so fresh he opted to build the business at a farm.

Straight from cow to ice cream cone with just a few steps in-between.

Our Cow Molly isn’t an ice cream parlour as you traditionally imagine it. This is a working farm where you can buy ice cream and drinks.

We made our first visit on a lovely sunny weekend and really enjoyed it.

Prices for ice cream starts around the £2 mark but there are loads of different options and prices.

Just choosing which cone is a task - some are covered in chocolate, some in colourful hundreds and thousands.

Then there’s the ice cream! We opted for Bakewell tart, strawberry and chocolate.

We ate them sat in the sun in the garden around the back and then the boys spent ages on the bouncy castle.

It would have been rude not to have taken some fresh milk, oh and some ice cream back for the rest of the family so we picked a huge tub of Ferrero Rocher. All I can say is wow, it tasted absolutely phenomenal.

If you are after something more healthy for the children you can also buy very cute baby-beakers full of fresh milk.

Milk has been produced at the Dungworth site for more than 60 years - milked, processed, put into bottle and delivered all by the same team.

Tomorrow’s Open Farm Sunday would be a good time to visit if you are interested in seeing the ‘from cow to carton’ tour.

Entry is free and there will be a chance to make butter, visit newborn calves, ride in a tractor, try off road train rides and a bouncy castle.

Add in beer, a barbecue and you have the whole picture.

Our Cow Molly: Cliffe House Farm, Dungworth Sheffield, S6 6GW

Contact: 0114 233 2683

Our Cow Molly

Details: Open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am til 6pm