Shake your stuff at family dance class

Street Feat, Baby Beat
Street Feat, Baby Beat
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“The idea for the class came to me while I was having breakfast with my son Harry one morning,” explains Zoe March, creator of ‘Street Feet, Baby Beat’ dance class.

“I was listening to Beyonce (who Harry loves!) and doing all my best Beyonce style dance moves for him. I haven’t got much time to exercise and am often too tired to get to the gym once my partner’s back from work, and I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if a load of mums could get together and dance to Beyonce - but they brought their babies too?’

Street Feat, Baby Beat

Street Feat, Baby Beat

“I wrote a Facebook post on a local parents group and got loads of really positive response. People were saying ‘this needs to happen’ and pointing out that there is a real lack of fitness classes that you can go to with your baby or toddler. I already go to the post-natal class at Hillsborough gym, which is a cardio/weights circuit class, so I know they exist, but you can only go to that one until your children are a year old.

“As I’m not a fitness instructor - I work in pensions at Aviva - I knew I’d either have to take a personal trainer course or find someone else to run the sessions. Luckily, one of the people who responded to the Facebook post was Caroline Barnell, a trained dance instructor who loved the idea and thought there was a market for the class. We agreed that Caroline would teach the classes and I would organise and promote them.

“I found a great venue - Walkley Community Centre - and the volunteers and trustees have been amazing, letting us use their foam play mats and publicising us in their weekly updates and website. We knew the class times needed to work for mums, so after lunch, but before school pick-up, and that they needed to be affordable.

“My main aim was to make a fun class where you don’t feel pressured to ‘feel the burn’ or ‘get your pre-baby body back.’ We hope you’ll do that, but this is more about having fun.”

We get together and dance to eyonce!

Instructor Caroline said: “I thought it was a fabulous, cheery, positive idea, and it had loads of interest. I’d taught dance, zumba and sling fitness for years, so I know that dance is great for releasing endorphins to lift your mood, giving you an aim, and guaranteeing to make everyone smile - regardless of ability.

“I loved Zoe’s ‘can do’ attitude and was excited to get involved. We worked tirelessly to get the class off the ground and the first weeks have been an incredible success. Everyone has smiled and laughed, sweated and burnt calories and - best of all - had lots of fun. We are hoping to grow the class into a well recognised ‘go to’ place for all new parents looking for a fun time.”

Street Feet, Baby Beat...

‘Street Feet, Baby Beat’ classes are held every Friday, from 1.30pm to 2.30pm, at Walkley Community Centre. The class is open to anyone, of any age, with a baby or toddler to look after in the daytime. Children are welcome up to the age of three. Classes are £5 each, though everyone is entitled to a £1 taster session.