Plea for cash to restore kitten's eyesight

CAN you help this cute kitten to regain his sight?

Felix, an 11-month-old black and white cat, is blind because he has cataracts - a condition very rare in young cats.

He is being cared for by staff at the Sheffield Cats Shelter in Broomhall, who want to raise 2,600 for an operation to cure his cloudy eyes.

Trustee Elaine Underwood said: "Felix is a very fussy, loving young cat.

"He was brought into the shelter suffering with problems with his eyes.

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    "Vets have now confirmed he has cataracts in both eyes, probably due to an infection when he was younger, and these have left him almost blind.

    "The ethos of the shelter is to do whatever we can to improve the lives of the cats and kittens that come into our care.

    "So Felix will be seen by a specialist veterinary centre, the Willows Referral Service in Solihull, who will hopefully say double cataract surgery will restore his sight.

    "Felix is such a lovable, friendly soul, that finding him a home as a blind cat would be no problem.

    "But staff at the shelter would dearly love to give him the chance to enjoy his life fully, as a seeing cat.

    "This procedure is expensive, at around 2,600 if both eyes are suitable for the operation, and would be a drain on the shelter's limited resources.

    "The trustees of the charity are therefore appealing for help to pay for the operation," she said.

    You can send donations to The Treasurer, Sheffield Cats Shelter, 1 Travis Place, Sheffield, S10 2DB, with a note marking the money for Felix.