Paying heavy price of crime

IF a lawyer had his way, we would have been gagged from telling you the names of two teenage robbers, or from showing their faces. He argued that their tender years entitled them to anonymity the law offers young offenders.

Monday, 3rd September 2007, 8:57 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2007, 10:20 am

Fortunately, the judge in the case appreciated that the wider interest outweighed the rights of two individuals who showed no respect for the public. And we agree it is the right thing to fully identify two youths who now must spend a significant part of their formative years behind bars. The apparent innocence of their expressions belies a calculated criminality of which we should all be wary in order to protect ourselves and our belongings.

But most importantly, we hope that this will send a stark message to today's youths who may be tempted to follow in these foolhardy footsteps. Crime comes with a heavy price. And it is the criminals who ultimately pay.

Did tenants know of cash problems?

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NO matter what gloss is placed on the situation, it is deeply worrying that Sheffield could find itself once more facing a huge shortfall in the amount needed to maintain council housing to the standards being achieved under the Decent Homes programme.

Councillors and officials say the facts and figures in a report to city MPs are painting the bleakest possible picture so they can argue strongly with Government that extra funding is needed in the future.

But we feel this was not explained clearly when it most mattered - when tenants were asked to vote on their estates' future. Did they know there was a possibility, even a likelihood, that the change in management structure would not bring a sustainable system?

Bags of secrets

FASCINATING thought for the day... a woman will own a remarkable 111 handbags in her lifetime. Into them she will cram just about every useless piece of junk she might need one day in an emergency. But here's an even more fascinating thought...we bet you never saw her buy a single one of them!