Park ice cream seller to be frozen out

AN ice cream seller is set to be banned from a Sheffield park after 13 years - because of claims his van blocks signs and takes up too much pavement.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2007, 9:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2007, 10:08 am

Council officials have also objected to Andrew Cuneo's application for a licence to sell ices and lollies outside Weston Park because they do not feel his Ford Transit vehicle will fit in once a multi-million pound revamp of the area is complete.

Although Walkley-based Mr Cuneo parks his van set back from the kerb, in front of the park's south west gates on Western Bank, police fear people queuing for ice creams could block the footpath, forcing other pedestrians onto the road.

But Mr Cuneo - whose bid to stay at Weston Park will be heard by Sheffield Council's licensing board tomorrow - has claimed he is a victim of snobbery.

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Philip Sowter, from Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust, which runs Weston Park Museum, said Mr Cuneo's ice cream van would restrict access to the park for pedestrians and authorised vehicles, and "hinder" groups of schoolchildren dropped off there. He also claimed the van would block signs being put in place "to assist and enhance visitors' knowledge of museum and park activities".

Diane Cheetham, of Sheffield Council's parks and countryside department, said bosses want to retain an ice cream vendor at the park but using a non-motorised vehicle "such as an old fashioned hand cart, barrow or bicycle."

But she added the council is advertising for an ice cream seller in the new location and invited Mr Cuneo to apply.

PC Lynda Jackson, of South Yorkshire Police, said the current positioning of the ice cream van was "dangerous" for pedestrians.

Mr Cuneo's current trading licence runs out on October 14. He previously said: "We have always been on the pavement outside the park, we have thousands of customers and we have never had a problem.

"This is just snobbery."

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