Woman wrapped head in clingfilm

A WOMAN killed herself by wrapping her head in clingfilm – then lay dead for about a week before she was found.

Maria Thompson, aged 38, of Winn Gardens, Middlewood, Sheffield, suffered depression and had self-harmed and tried suicide on several occasions.

A Sheffield inquest heard she had experienced many troubles in her life, sometimes used alcohol to get by, and told her friend Christopher Bradbury that she was fed up with life.

He said Ms Thompson, a carer, had made attempts on her own life in the past – and had regretted that they had not worked.

The court heard Mr Bradbury found his friend's body when he let himself into her house on August 8 after receiving no answer from his knock at the door.

A post-mortem examination revealed Ms Thompson had died at least six days before.

A pathology report found the cause of death was asphyxia caused by an obstruction of the mouth and nose by several layers of clingfilm.

Toxicology tests found no evidence of the anti-depressants she had been prescribed.

Letters, some of which were addressed to Mr Bradbury, were found near her body.

Pc Sophie Simpson, the investigating officer, said: "The correspondence was indicative of what she was going to do."

Recording a verdict that Ms Thompson took her own life assistant coroner Catherine Mason said: "This sadly was her choice and her decision. Whether that decision was clouded by the fact she was not complying with her medication and therefore not thinking straight I do not know."


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