What ingredient would you add into great Yorkshire Day recipe?

YORKIES  Yorkshire puddings at Yorkies, Ecclesall Road.      19 July 2007
YORKIES Yorkshire puddings at Yorkies, Ecclesall Road. 19 July 2007
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At The Star we are always championing Sheffield and how great it is ... but now we are spreading the net a little bit further.

We want your help to capture everything that is best about Yorkshire.

What is it that makes you proud to live here and be part of our community?

Are there sights that set your heart racing because you know you’re home and foods that just can’t be beaten no matter how far you travel?

Well, we want to squeeze the essence of all that into a special Star supplement celebrating Yorkshire Day on August 1.

This is a chance to get your favourite photos printed among others by both professionals and amateurs.

It is completely up to you what you chose to focus your lens on - all that matters is that you let us know what matters most to you.

This project will spread Yorkshire pride across the county via the newspaper, our website and social networks.

Assistant editor Rob Hollingworth is hoping for a good mix of different opinions, photos and ideas.

He said: “We really want to know what our readers will be doing on Yorkshire Day whether it is something special to mark the occasion or just enjoying being in this great county.

“We’d like to hear from businesses, sports fans and anybody who has got something to tell us about what Yorkshire Day means to them.

“We know our readers are proud of their Yorkshire roots and we want to produce a pull-out which captures that pride.”

So whether it is one of Yorkshire’s many cricket teams, some delicious looking puddings or a picturesque snape of the Dales, get in touch.

We would also love to see your short videos of anything and everything Yorkshire, even if it is just footage captued on your mobile phone.

The Yorkshire Day project follows last week’s Longest Day project which was a great success.

Scores of readers and the vast majority of our journalists filmed just a few seconds of some element of Sheffield life.

There was everything from the sun rise to the sun set and everything in the middle from rush hour to lunch breaks, cows being milked and sports men training.

It covered so many different areas of our city and lots of things that we all see every day but take forgranted.

Not only was it fun to film but it was also a hit among our online audience as it became the most popular video of the wekk.

If you haven’t looked at the final product do take a couple of minutes to watch the video at thestar.co.uk

And send your photos and letters for Yorkshire Day by email to letters@thestar.co.uk marked Yorkshire Day.

Or in the post to Yorkshire Day, Editorial, The Star, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU.

You can also join in the great Yorkshire Day debate on Twitter #staryorksday