Well-cared for rat abandoned beside road

THE RSPCA is appealing for help in solving a mystery after a "healthy and friendly" rat was dumped near a pile of rubbish in a layby near Chesterfield.

Remy the Rat was left in a cage along with a bag of pet food and bedding at the side of Renishaw Road, Mastin Moor, and found by a member of the public.

The rat - named after a cartoon character in the Disney film Ratatouille - was taken to the RSPCA's Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Animal Centre, where he is being cared for.

Andy Sowden, a welfare officer said: "He is a really healthy and friendly rat.

"It's clear someone has looked after him very well prior to dumping him and that's why it makes it more difficult to understand why he was abandoned."

If the owner does not come forward, Remy will be made available for rehoming.

Call the RSPCA on 0300 1234999 with information.

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