Water claim delay row

BOB Bowden's insurance claim saga will dismay people still waiting for payouts after suffering a burst pipe in the cold weather.

The 46-year-old suffered extensive water damage at his house which still isn't fixed – after a pipe ruptured in September.

Bob, of High Green, says his claim was not disputed by Lloyds TSB. An assessor visited his home five days after the incident and gave the green light for work.

But four months later he is still trapped in a merry-go-round of insurers, contractors and sub-contractors.

He said: "I pay all this money for the security of being insured, but when I put a claim in nothing gets done.

"I had a phone call before Christmas from a contractor saying 'you will be contacted within four hours by the sub contractor', but since then


"I made an official complaint at the beginning of December and they offered me 50 as a goodwill gesture but I refused.

"I've also called in the Financial Ombudsman.

"I just want the work doing."

Water from the burst leaked through the house all day until Bob returned in the evening.

It damaged the kitchen ceiling – he has installed a prop to stop it falling down – kitchen units, work tops and the floor.

Lloyds offered him 700 cash to settle but he held out for a repair, believing there was 3,000 of damage.


A LLOYDS TSB spokesman offered 200 compensation and promised work would start on Tuesday.

He said: "We have apologised to Mr Bowden for the delay to work on his home. The compensation is for inconvenience and stress suffered, we have also waived the 50 policy excess."

"A letter has been sent confirming this action."