VIDEO: Tramlines verdicts on last day of Sheffield party

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Sheffield revellers today declared Tramlines 2014 their ‘best ever’ – although some called for extra capacity next year.

On and around Division Street, fans have been spoilt for choice, with many bars hosting all-day gigs inside and outside for the crowds.

TRAMLINES 2014'Puppet Rebellion play at Crystal Bar

TRAMLINES 2014'Puppet Rebellion play at Crystal Bar

The Viper Rooms, Crystal, Great Gatsby and the Frog and Parrot all proved popular.

And some of the main attractions are yet to come - with The Rifles, The Cribs and Hey Sholay on stage tonight.

Sheffield University student Cameron Heeley, aged 22, said: “The highlight for us has been Sister Sledge – we weren’t sure it would be our kind of thing, but it was great.

“Most things we have been able to get in, but we were turned away for Public Enemy, which was frustrating.

“I’ve never seen so many people on Division Street as this weekend, so getting big acts in has worked.

“We will come back next year.”

Reveller John Cowling Tweeted: “We seriously need a bigger venue next year for the main stage. Thousands were being turned away.”

Amateur photographer Gill Cordingley, a teacher from Woodseats, was out taking pictures at Barker’s Pool after enjoying a full weekend of music across the city.

She said: “It’s been loads better than last year. The acts have been better and the sun has helped, but just overall it has been fantastic, I have never seen it this busy.

“It almost doesn’t matter if you don’t go to Devonshire Green, because the Peace Gardens was fabulous. There were so many people in there.

“Everywhere you went, there was something to do.”

Today’s festivities started peacefully at Endcliffe Park, which had been turned into the Folk Forest with acoustic sets, food venues and even a massage therapy stall to ease hungover heads.

Young families had even brought tents for the day.

Lawyer and dad Andy Smith, of Heeley, was there to watch first act Red Trees.

He said: “It is so family-friendly, which is great when you have got a little one.

“I’m in a band and have been going to festivals for years, so we’ve been trying to get our daughter interested.”

Sarah Nulty, Tramlines director, thanked everyone who attending for making it an ‘amazing weekend’.

She said: “It has gone really well. The feedback from Sister Sledge was that, for many people, it was the best gig they have seen in Sheffield.

“We had a few disappointed people who didn’t get in to the main stage, but we had been telling everyone you had to get down there early for some acts and we did try to get everybody there we could.”

The number of tickets sold has not been calculated, but Sarah said the sixth Tramlines was looking like a success.

She said: “Saturday was crazy in town. In terms of people coming to the main stage, it was probably the best Saturday we have had. The weather helped and it was definitely our biggest line-up,

“I don’t think people ever expected to see Public Enemy and Sister Sledge on Devonshire Green and on the same day.”