VIDEO:Stephanie born to play with the Boss

Stephanie Dunn with the Boss, on stage.
Stephanie Dunn with the Boss, on stage.
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Springsteen superfan Stephanie Dunn enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime – dancing and playing guitar with the Boss in front of a crowd of 45,000 at Glasgow’s Hampden Park.

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The 20-year-old from Dronfield Woodhouse was chosen by the legendary star to come up on stage and dance with saxophone player Jake Clemons.

But Stephanie really impressed Bruce when she was given his guitar – playing and singing along to one of his greatest hits, Dancing In The Dark.

“I’ve been playing guitar since I was about seven, and I knew the song well. Bruce sort of looked and nodded at me when he realised I knew the chords,” she said.

“It was a very strange experience – really weird. I was up there and I couldn’t really take it in.

“I’ve grown up with Bruce really – I first saw him with my mum, dad and brother when I was only five. This was my 26th show.”

It took dedication for Stephanie to enjoy her spell in the spotlight.

She queued up outside the stadium for 29 hours on Monday and Tuesday to make sure she could get a coveted spot right in front of the stage, where she held up a placard asking to be chosen.

This was after a trip to London last weekend to see the first night of the new UK tour at Wembley Stadium.

Stephanie, brother Peter and mum and dad Shirley and Derek have seen Bruce all over the world, including Madison Square Garden in New York, Meadowlands in his New Jersey homeland, Atlanta and Paris.

Their very first show was at St James’ Park, Newcastle in 1985.

“We could have paid our mortgage off with all the money we’ve spent,” said Shirley at the family home on Rothay Close. “Stephanie has been lucky before – the second time she saw him he gave her his harmonica.

“But this time was just amazing – the crowd were going completely crazy when she and Bruce were together at the microphone – it was like she was Courtney Cox in the original video.

“After he made her take a bow, he kissed her and gave her two of his plectrums. When she came off stage she had complete strangers bowing to her in homage.”

Stephanie’s big night has since been enjoyed by a wider audience – Jake tweeted a photo of her dancing while her Facebook page and Twitter feed has gone into meltdown.

“Springsteen is the greatest live performer I’ve ever seen – even at 63 he has so much energy.

“I was out of breath just keeping up with him,” she added.

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