VIDEO: Record breaker George claims shortest joke

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Comedian George Valentine is still telling gags at the age of 76 – and has nabbed the world record for most one-liners in a minute.

Hilarious George rattled off 62 rib-ticklers – less than one a second – to take the unofficial title for quick-fire funnies.

George Valentine of Rotherham, a world record comedian. Pic:''Tom Maddick /

George Valentine of Rotherham, a world record comedian. Pic:''Tom Maddick /

And gagmaster George reckons he has penned more than 110,000 one-liners since he came up with his first joke at the age of 12.

He also claims to have written the world’s shortest joke: “Obesity cures wrinkles”.

Retired George also helped famous stand-up Tim Vine regain his 2007 Guinness world record for the most jokes told in a hour – 499.

George, of Rotherham, has never been a full-time gag writer but has written material for some top names, including Bob Monkhouse, Tommy Cooper and Les Dawson.

He said: “I just did it for a hobby, it wasn’t a full-time job but then you would see them do them on the telly.

“It was amazing.”

Dad-of-two George, married to Valerie, 74, has attracted more than 215,000 followers on Twitter with his jokes.

Some more of George’s rib-ticklers

* 50 million wouldn’t buy Wayne Rooney and I am one of them.

* At university I sat an exam on Inheritance Tax. I got 40%.

* Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs.

* A replacement for electricity is light years away.

* 40 is the new 30, try telling that to a speed camera.

* Generosity in a Scotsman is the first sign of insanity.