VIDEO: No endurance test too hard for iron Maiden

Jon hiking through mountains in Snowdonia as part of his 10 Challenges 4 Cancer in 2013
Jon hiking through mountains in Snowdonia as part of his 10 Challenges 4 Cancer in 2013
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Jon Maiden doesn’t do anything by halves.

While one gruelling challenge for charity might be enough for most of us, that’s barely a warm-up act for the self-confessed adrenalin junkie.

The Sheffield entrepreneur has set himself the task of tackling 10 physically and mentally demanding endurance challenges throughout 2013 – in an effort to raise more than £2,000 to fight cancer.


“I always knew this was going to be a tough year, but I love adventure and I love a challenge, so I thought I’d really push myself and take on something that would test my limits,” said 30-year-old Jon.

And the hardest tasks are still ahead of him.

Jon has already hiked across Ireland in eight days, cycled 150 miles to Wales in 48 hours and climbed to the height of Everest in Sheffield’s own Arts Tower building.

He still faces a three-day Ironman – in which he will cycle 112 miles, swim 2.4 miles and run 26.2 miles – a 120-mile kayak from Inverness to the Isle of Man and the Welsh 3,000s challenge of 15 mountains in 24 hours. But Jon told The Star his busy year, already halfway through, has had its share of problems, including a knee injury which has put him dangerously behind schedule.

He said: “I’m so pleased with everything I’ve achieved so far but I’m aware there’s still so much left to do and I’ve already had to cancel a marathon due to my knee injury, so I’m ready to get on now it’s healing.

“The Welsh 3,000s is just around the corner so that’s he challenge I’m focusing on.”

For this challenge Jon will climb 15 mountains in 24 hours.

Jon said: “It’s the challenge I’m probably most excited about as I love that part of the world and the mountains are beautiful.

“That being said, each of these challenges has pushed me firmly beyond my comfort zone, so I really hope everyone gets behind me and digs deep to help me raise as much money as possible.

Jon’s efforts will raise money for AICR – the Association for International Cancer Research – a global company aiming to save lives being lost to cancer by improving prevention, detection and treatment.

Jon, of Millhouses, first became involved with the charity 18 months ago, when a good friend lost his mother to the disease.

Last year he helped raise thousands of pounds by hitchhiking from Sheffield to the Arctic Circle.

The journey covered more than 2,000 miles, crossed eight countries in seven days and involved Jon ‘blagging’ 31 lifts, in what he said was ‘one of the best experiences of my life’.

He said: “I’m an adrenalin junkie and I love pushing myself, especially when it’s for such a good cause.”

Jon, who founded Sheffield careers education company Big Green Fox, has admitted it’s not the easiest time to be fundraising as nobody has money to spare, but says the charity is one everybody needs to get behind.

He said: “More than one in three people in the UK will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. The time to fight this disease is now.”

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