VIDEO - Lady Boys of Bangkok in Sheffield for first time

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With their long shiny hair and perfectly glossed pouts, they may look beautiful – but look closer! All is not as it seems...

The Lady Boys of Bangkok are coming to Sheffield next month, for a – carefully contained – evening of glitter, glamour and cabaret.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok who are in Sheffield over the festive season

The Ladyboys of Bangkok who are in Sheffield over the festive season

Arriving in Sheffield for the first time, ‘Glamorous Amorous’ is a stage show dripping with diamante-laden costumes, lip-synching songs and plenty of comedy.

Show producer Carol Gandey, of Gandey World Class Productions, said: “The continued appeal of the Lady Boys lies in the show’s ability to renew itself time and again.

“Our dancers, choreographer and set and lighting designers were given the ideas for Glamorous Amorous a year ago, so this show has been 12 months in the making.”

The show will open on December 2 and will run for two weeks, in a purpose-built, fully-heated pavilion, erected on Devonshire Green.

Company manager Anwar told The Star: “The show features 16 all-singing, all-dancing Lady Boys, performing numbers like Gangnam Style, as well as songs from wonderful singers like Beyonce and Cher.

“There’s a bar in the tent and a kitchen serving great food, so it’s going to be an entire evening experience for the Sheffield audience.

“This is going to be a great festive night out for people who fancy trying something a little bit different.”

The show has been travelling around the UK since the summer and will finish up its tour in Sheffield shortly before Christmas.

Performer ‘Amy,’ whose real name is Akkarapol Simsa, added: “My favourite part of the show is singing Call My Name. It’s a great show. We’re really looking forward to performing in Sheffield for the first time.”