VIDEO: Contestants spice up their lives with world’s hottest pizza challenge

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Eight contestants from across Doncaster stepped up to the plate this afternoon to try to win the world’s hottest pizza challenge at Red Tomato.

Challenge contestants had to eat two spicy pieces of Red Tomato’s dare devil pizza in under one minute in order to make it through to the next round.

The pizza started off at 250,000 on the Scoville scale getting progressively hotter in every round, and every contestant had to sign a disclaimer before taking part.

Each person had a glass of milk placed next to them, but would have been disqualified if they drunk even a sip.

Two contestants dropped out in the first round, leaving six to go through to the second round.

Everybody hung on through rounds two and three, creating a stalemate situation that meant whoever could eat two slices of the world’s spiciest pizza the fastest would win.

After an eye watering four rounds, and fifty pieces of pizza consumed between eight contestants in just four minutes Alan Copeland, 40, of Church Street was crowned the winner.

Ian Dainty, 47, of Rotherwood Close, Scawsby, came a close second and Chris Atkinson, 38, of Mansfield Crescent, Armthorpe made it in to third place.

Alan, who was the tallest person to enter the competition at 6”2 has now won his height in large pizzas which works out as a whopping 39 pizzas, worth £279.

He said: “I’m quite surprised to win as I’m not really a fan of spicy foods and didn’t practise before this. In the end I think it came down to who had the biggest mouth!”

Each of the contestants in the contest, which was sponsored by Doncaster firm HSR Law, has been given a certificate and a voucher for one free pizza, and the two runner up contestants were given a voucher for a family banquet at Red Tomato.

Red Tomato director, Comron Hayati, said the world’s hottest pizza challenge had been a success, and added that he hopes Red Tomato, based on Thorne Road, will be able to offer a second spicy pizza competition soon.