VIDEO - Charles Emmerson @ Off The Shelf in Sheffield

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Off The Shelf presents 1913: The World Before the Great War with Charles Emmerson

Most retrospective accounts of the world in 1913 reduce it to either frivolous features – last bright summers in aristocratic residences – or to its most destructive - rumbling social unrest in Russia. The true nature of the times, optimistic, modern and internationalist, as much as pessimistic, archaic and nationalist – is lost. 1913 proposes a more expansive portrait. Emmerson takes readers on a trip around the world – from London to Berlin, Detroit to Bombay, Winnipeg to Durban– to reveal a seminal year in history. 1913 is a luminous, majestic book, rich in detail and research.

Charles Emmerson

Charles Emmerson

Charles Emmerson read Modern History at Oxford University and then took up an Entente Cordiale scholarship in Paris. The author of The Future History of the Arctic, he is a Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House. He took part in Sheffield’s Off The Shelf in collaboration with University of Sheffield Students’ Union.