TV show on £1m spy boss conman

A WORKSOP man who conned an estimated £1 million from at least eight people by posing as an M15 agent is to have a TV documentary made about his scam.

The story of how conman Robert Hendy-Freegard duped his victims - including a Sheffield woman - into handing over their savings is to be screened on Channel Five on September 7 - the day after he is sentenced to a possible lifetime behind bars.

The Spy Who Stole My Life is a feature length documentary where his victims tell how he controlled their lives over a period of 10 years, cutting them off from their family and friends and leaving them fearful for their lives after making them believe he was conducting an undercover mission against the IRA.

Freegard, aged 34, of High Street, Blythe, near Workshop, conned them into handing over their money to fund his operations, claiming it was "to protect state security".

The documentary includes the testimony of Sarah Smith - the only victim to live through the entire 10 years of Freegard's twisted mind games.

During the years spent under his spell he took her and a number of others all over the country on so-called secret missions, staying at a number of "safe houses" including one in Hillsborough, Sheffield.

He led her to believe she was constantly on the run from assassins.

Sheffield woman Elizabeth Richardson, 33, was another victim, who claimed she was under constant psychological pressure from him.

During his trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in London - where Freegard was convicted of two counts of kidnap, 10 charges of theft and eight counts of deception - Ms Richardson said he stole 14,500 from her but kept her short of money, forcing her to live on a slice of Mars Bar a day and sleep on park benches and in airport terminals.

The pair met at AD Sholeys Car Sales in Sheffield in 1995.

He forced another victim - American child psychologist Kimberley Adams - to hide in a bathroom for a week.

It was her parents' concerns about him, when their daughter kept asking for money, that led the police to him.