TV duo's bat and trap trip

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ISN'T that Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker off the telly?

It sure is - but what are they doing in South Yorkshire?

The Country File presenters are pictured here with Nicola Charlesworth, who runs Broad Close farm shop in Silkstone, and her son Joel Charlesworth, aged two.

Julia - who went to school in Broomhill, Sheffield - and Matt were in Barnsley to make a programme about the ancient game of knur and spell or bat and trap.

Matt is pictured holding a knur and spell bat following a day's filming at Broad Close Farm.

Nicola said: "The day started with interviews from people with knowledge and memories of the game and an introduction to the rules and tools used. At lunchtime Julia and the crew had a chat with me and my husband Jonathan over hot pork sandwiches from the farm shop.

"They were very down to earth and interested in the rare breeds kept on the farm."

After lunch Julia and Matt had a go at the game which sees players hit the trap which launches the ball into the air - the aim being to hit the ball between two posts to try and score runs.

The show is on BBC1 on Sunday January 30.

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