Tune in while you work

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Listening to music at work can help office workers relax, improve their mood and make them feel happier, according to Sheffield University research.

A survey of 300 people found that music could provide relief from stress and improve concentration.

The study found the most common reasons for listening to music at work were to improve mood and relaxation. Music could also help employees engage in working tasks, through blocking out distracting noise in the office.

Employees listened to all kinds of music – especially classical, pop and rock.

But classical music was not considered more relaxing compared to other types of music.

New technology has made it easier for employees to listen to their own music at workthrough MP3 players and the internet, , the research says.

But the survey found that loud music could irritate co-workers and headphones could isolate listeners from their team.

The research suggests companies who want happier, more productive staff could invest in a library of CDs.