Tramlines: Best of Sheffield food on offer

Revellers at this weekend's Tramlines Festival are being offered the chance to taste the best and the healthiest Sheffield can offer.

Festival organisers have responded to lobbying by local food firms that qualify for the Made in Sheffield quality mark and given them their own area at the show.

Eddie Andrews from ice cream maker Our Cow Molly approached the organisers after he and other local speciality food firms could not afford a pitch in the main arena.

He said: "Last year's event was really good, but the capacity was lower. This year they have doubled the capacity in real terms and doubled the price to be in there."

He added the smaller artisan food producers were put at a disadvantage because they couldn't put as big a mark-up on their quality products as burger vans and other fast food stalls.

He said: "Fair play to the organisers, they were really, really keen and said that if we could organise a few companies that fitted in nicely with the Made in Sheffield mark of quality, they would back us up.

"They were absolutely brilliant and have made it affordable for us to be in there."

Our Cow Molly, Fancie Cupcakes and healthy foods specialist PJ Taste will have their own area at the festival under a big Made in Sheffield banner, promoting the idea that local quality extends well beyond the traditional steel and manufacturing sector.

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