Tragic death of dad after jail release

A DAD recently been released from prison died after taking a cocktail of drugs, an inquest heard.

Mark Carter, aged 26, who had been taking drugs since he was nine, had told his partner he wanted to "move away and change his lifestyle" - just hours before his death.

The Sheffield inquest heard jobless Mr Carter had been released from jail on March 30 - after a month inside.

The day after his release, he went into Barnsley with his partner Karinna Hall. She returned home alone in the afternoon but Mr Carter visited a friend on his way back and stole a bottle of anti-depressants, returning at 10pm.

The couple went to bed at their home on Green Road, Penistone, but he woke her in the night and went to sleep on the sofa.

She found him dead in the living room the next morning.

A post-mortem examination revealed methadone, cocaine, diazapan and morphine in his body. He was also suffering from a chest infection.

Pathologist Dr Steven Beck recorded the cause of death as bronchial pneumonia and combined drug overdose.

Assistant Deputy Coroner Louise Slater recorded the death as misadventure.


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