Tough times ahead for local hospice

A SOUTH Yorkshire hospice is facing a tough year after the NHS cut part of its funding.

Nearly half of Barnsley Hospice's 3.6m annual budget had been provided by primary care trust NHS Barnsley, with the remaining costs met through charitable donations.

But NHS budget cuts of 1.5 per cent this year, after two years in which funding was frozen, led to a real term drop of 7pc.

Ian Care, chief executive of the hospice which looks after terminally ill people and their families, said: "The impact is manageable this year but in subsequent years we expect this to continue. We have not been told this will definitely be the case, but we suspect next year there will be another cut."

He said he was confident the team of staff and the public of Barnsley would help the hospice get through the tough times.

"The work we do is important," he said.

"We deal with very complex cases and we have lots of highly-skilled doctors and nurses and it takes a lot of resources to deliver that standard of care. It's not going to be easy but we are confident we can get through it. We are very confident we will still deliver excellent services to patients and their families."

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