Thundering along with music tales

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THEY spent days on the road with Thunder and now – the hard rock band’s singer Danny Bowes and guitarist/ keys player Ben Matthews bring their tales and tunes to Sheffield.

Danny Bowes says: “We were on the road for 20 years with Thunder so there have been many adventures, many of which make for funny stories. We are very fortunate in that we all get on as a band and we all laugh a lot.”

The show lasts about two hours, though the pair only play about 10 songs.

“We wanted to do some shows as the two of us but it would be a folk gig if we just did music. And if I played guitar it would empty out the venue.

“But fortunately, I can sing and Ben is good on keyboard and guitar though he’s a terrible singer,” says Danny.

So, they opted for a live approach that embraces comedy, storytelling and the odd song here and there.

“There are a lot of stories,” says Danny.

“I can’t tell you any of the new ones but one of the tales from the last tour is about our drummer, who is a very silly man and as a result is up for pretty much anything.

“He always used to come out after a show and play a song after the set in front of the audience and one time he wanted to sing Fly Me To the Moon so we found a man who specialised in making people ‘fly’ on stage and he arrange that our drummer was rigged up so that at the start of the second verse he’d lift off.

“We rehearsed it and it all went perfectly.

“But what we didn’t realise that this man was an alcoholic.

“When it came to the song the drummer looked very concerned.

“He had obviously smelled the alcohol on his breath and was looking at me mouthing the words ‘DRUNK’ but I couldn’t tell what he was saying, so I was just saying ‘Go on mate!’ It came to the second verse and nothing happened.

“The man was standing at the side of the stage – drunk. Our tour manager said to him ‘Get him up’ and suddenly he flies so fast into the air, right up into the rigging, right across the stage, bashes into a wall and all the while he’s singing Fly Me to the Moon.

The audience thought it was brilliant.

“They had no idea this wasn’t supposed to happen.”

There are many more tales up Danny’s sleeve but for now, he’s saving them all until next Wednesday, when the pair perform at the Memorial Hall.