THE DIARY: Take Two with Colin Drury

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COMEDIAN-OFF-THE-TELLY Hugh Dennis says he owes his success to his South Yorkshire grandfather?

Well, at least now we know who’s to blame.


SOME stories are so astonishing they barely need any extra comment.

To wit: Sheffield City Council’s parking meters won’t accept new legal tender but also won’t give change to motorists who, therefore, have to pay with other coins.

Ever get the feeling you’re being had?


TO be fair, though, this column can’t be the only person beginning to wish a similar no change policy was introduced on Sheffield buses.

I’ve argued against such a system in the past.

But it’s amazing how sitting on a bus, waiting for dozens of students to pay a £1.80 fare with a £20 note, can change your mind.


TALKING of students, they’ve certainly been making themselves felt - and heard - this week.

But one bets none of them realise today is the 425th anniversary since the city’s first ever pre-eminent scholar was baptised here.

City lad Robert Sanderson - who was christened at the Cathedral in 1587 - is thought to be the first Sheffield student to achieve academic fame, attending Oxford University and becoming a chaplain to King Charles I.

It is said the monarch was “much delighted in his conversation”.


AND finally a new comic book arrives from the man who brought mass murder to Meadowhall and serial killers to Bramall Lane and Hillsborough.

Craig Daley has previously featured on this page for his animated novels which bring a touch of cartoon noir to South Yorkshire.

Now his latest effort sees UFOs invading...Eyam.

The 49-year-old, of Heavygate Road, Crookes, turns the Peak District plague village into the UK’s Roswell in the comic book CD rom in shops now.

Sounds bizarre? It is. And out-of-this-world fun too.