TECH TALK: Lenco L-30 turntable

Lenco L-30 turntable
Lenco L-30 turntable
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There’s nothing quite like kicking back with your favourite tipple listening to some cool tunes.

And there’s no better way of listening to music than on good old-fashioned vinyl.

Lenco L-30 turntable

Lenco L-30 turntable

It seems there’s no stopping the vinyl revival these days - with sales of albums on black plastic showing year-on-year increases.

And this stylish Lenco L-30 turntable is a great way to spin those discs.

The semi-automatic belt drive turntable is a good choice for newcomers entering the world of LP records, as well as established vinyl collectors.

Looking companct and stylish, it brings music to life when the needle hits the groove.

It’s compact and would look good in most living rooms.

What’s more, it also features a built-in USB port, meaning it can be hooked up to a computer for turning those analogue sounds into digital files - ideal if you have a massive vinyl collection and don’t want to fork out on getting the whole lot again in digital download format.

Simply play a record and pretty soon you’ll have it in a format that can be transferred onto your phone or MP3 player.

The two-rates speed settings allows users to play both 33 and 45 RPM records, so you can dust off some old seven-inch singles too.

Easy to connect to speakers or amp, the L-30 Turntable also boasts an RCA line output for connecting the turntable to external speakers, giving that added flexibility

The sleek wooden construction comprises of an MDF cabinet and plastic feet for optimal stability. It has an integrated dust cover, protecting the L-30 turntable from dust and other particulates whilst not in use. The dust cover can be removed for added convenience.

The Lenco L-30 is available in black and wood colours from Amazon for £99.99.