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Tales from the North Pole - Santa's Blog
Tales from the North Pole - Santa's Blog
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Hello children - Mrs Claus here.

Goodness me, what a morning it’s been here at The North Pole! I decided I wanted to tell you all about it. It started off quite normally with me baking Santa and the Elves a big chocolate cake for breakfast. Chocolate is Santa’s favourite, mine too, so I made lots of warm custard and we all sat and ate together in the big dining room - yum yum.

Not long after we’d started work for the day, making lots of lovely toys, Ollie - one of the very littlest Elves - came to me and said that he’d really like to send Santa a Christmas card this year. ‘What a good idea,’ I thought. We don’t have a Clintons Cards in The North Pole and homemade cards are so much more personal, so I decided we should all make cards for Santa. I got lots of pairs of scissors, some pritt stick, stickers, scraps of material and gems and sheets of card, then - while Santa was out visiting the reindeers - we all set to work.

Ollie drew a picture of Santa with a big round belly and an even bigger smile on his face. It did make me laugh! Our Head Elf Davis drew every single one of the reindeers - his card was the biggest one of all! Some of the others cut pretty Christmas pictures out of magazines, while others glued sequins to their cards, to look like big drops of snow. They all looked absolutely fantastic. Then we all wrote a few lines to Santa in our cards, wishing him a wonderful Christmas and telling him how much he means to us. When Santa came back a little later, he was so surprised. He sat in his big armchair and opened each card and his smile got bigger with every one. He was so pleased at the love and effort that had gone into them all. When they were all opened, I stuck them up all over the workshop, so that he can look at them every day over Christmas.

Why don’t you try making a homemade Christmas card for your mummys and daddys this year? You can cut Christmas pictures out of magazines, or even draw them yourself. Write a lovely poem inside and they’ll think it’s even better than the most expensive card you could buy in a shop. I promise.

Speak to you all soon, precious ones.

Love, Mrs Claus