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Tales from the North Pole - Santa's Blog
Tales from the North Pole - Santa's Blog
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Hello children, Davis the head elf here. What a disaster we’ve been having today!

Eleven days until Christmas and Santa manages to lose the only copy we have of the ‘Naughty and Nice’ list.

He was checking it this morning, when he accidentally deleted it from the Notes app of his iPad – Santa may be thousands of years old, but he loves technology.

He was so annoyed with himself when he realised what he’d done.

It takes Santa all year long and lots of research to put the list together. We’d never be able to make a new one in time.

“We have to fix this,” he said to me. “How can we possibly plan all the presents if we don’t know who is naughty and who is nice?”

Luckily one of our elves, Whizz, is a computer genius.

“Leave it with me Santa and don’t worry,” Whizz said. “I’ll get the list back, somehow.”

Of course Santa was still worried, but we left the iPad with Whizz.

Sure enough, half an hour later Whizz came back, holding the iPad – and the list.

Santa said: “Oh Whizz, you really are a computer genius, well done.”

Whizz blushed. “Thanks Santa,” he said. “But it didn’t have too much to do with my technical skills.”

Whizz held out his hand which still had a little magical reindeer dust on it – the same stuff that makes Santa’s sleigh fly on Christmas Eve.

Whizz said: “I wasn’t having any luck getting the list back, so I snuck down to the reindeer stables.

I took some of the magical reindeer dust from a barrel, sprinkled it on the iPad, closed my eyes and made a Christmas wish.”

I laughed as I scrolled down the list which had magically popped back up on the screen – it was all there.

Santa patted Whizz on the head, who blushed the same colour as his bright red top, and told him he was really very clever indeed.

Phew! Must get back to work.

Love Davis


WELL, I bet you’re not surprised to hear we love Christmas carols at the North Pole, are you boys and girls?

We play them all day, every day – and after hundreds of years listening to them we know every word.

Santa and I were saying how lovely it would be to hear something new and that gave some of the elves the idea of writing a new Christmas song.

They worked on it all afternoon while they were making toys and then, after supper, performed it.

Now, I should explain elves don’t sing very well, though they do whistle beautifully, so they decided what they would actually write, would be a Christmas rap.

They did look very funny indeed, dancing around our living room like Jay-Z in their red and green outfits with little baseball caps pulled down over their ears.

Davis, our head elf, started it off, sliding across the floor on his knees and pouting: “We are Santa’s elves and this is what we know.

“We live at Santa’s workshop which is hidden in the snow (yo yo)”

Then Frankie continued: “Our job is making toys for all the boys and girls.

“Then Santa and his reindeer fly them off around the world.”

Ollie rapped: “We love to drink hot chocolate, loaded with marshmallows.

“And eat pancakes for breakfast, it makes us jolly fellows.”

Davis continued: “The reindeers are our best pals, Santa and Mrs Claus too.

“Our home here is so beautiful – you should see our view.”

All three of them began breakdancing then, waving their arms over their heads while I clapped and Santa chuckled.

Frankie: “We hope your Christmas is ace, filled with festive cheer.”

Ollie: “And lots of toys and food and love.”

All three: “And a very happy new year!”

What clever elves! Do you think you could write a Christmas song? Why not have a go?

You could even film yourself singing it and make your own music video!

Love Mrs Claus


HO HO ho little ones! Are you getting excited about Christmas yet? We certainly are!

Though we did wake up to a bit of a problem in the North Pole this morning.

Obviously it snows here every day, which looks beautiful, but it does make it very cold.

That’s never usually a problem because our heating system keeps us warm, but this morning we woke up to find icicles hanging from the bottoms of our beds – the heating had broken.

I pulled on my dressing gown and went to find Davis, my head elf, to find out what the problem was. Poor Davis’ lips had turned blue and his teeth were chattering from the cold.

He asked me: “What are we going to do? It’s so cold, we can’t possibly work in this temperature and it won’t be fixed until this afternoon.”

But I had a great idea. “Go and tell all the elves to dress up warm and we’ll meet in the reindeers’ stable in 30 minutes,” I told him.

By the time the freezing elves arrived in the stable half an hour later, Mrs Claus and I had got a big fire going and had spread cushions and blankets out everywhere.

“We’re going to take the morning off for a duvet party,” I said. “We’ll sing songs, tell stories and watch our favourite Christmas films in front of the nice warm fire until the heating is fixed.”

Mrs Claus passed around cups of hot chocolate and then pulled out an enormous bag.

“You can’t have a duvet party without some marshmallows to toast,” she told the elves, as they each grabbed a stick and stuck the marshmallows on the end.

What a lovely day we ended up having!

Have you ever had a duvet party? Why not try one?

Bring all your blankets and pillows downstairs, wrap up in some festive pyjamas, put a Christmas film on and buy some delicious snacks to eat.

Love, Santa x


Hello there small folks. My name is Davis and I’m Santa’s Head Elf.

I’ve been Head Elf at Santa’s Workship for 622 years, so I’m still quite new to the job really. I’m so proud of the work we do here and I absolutely love Santa. December is my favourite time of year at Santa’s workshop. We’ve all been working so hard for the past couple of months, trying to get everything ready for our 5pm deadline on Christmas Eve. Every year I think ‘I don’t know how we’re possibly going to finish all these presents in time’ but we always, always do. There was that one close call back in 1215, when the presents weren’t finished until five past seven, but that was before my time.

Presents have changed a lot in the last hundred years or so. Back in 1912, the most popular toy we made was a wooden doll. Well toys just get better and better every year and this year, all the Elves love the new Nerf Gun. Ooh, and the Furby Doll!

This morning, while we were busy building the Nerf Guns, one of our mischevious Elves, Frankie, thought it would be funny to fire one of the foam bullets at Santa. Everybody wanted to laugh but we waited to see what Santa would say. He looked around, all surprised for a moment, then picked up another Nerf and fired back at Frankie. Well, that was it! We all grabbed the nearest Nerfs and started shooting pieces of foam all over Santa’s workshop until we were all laughing so hard that Mrs Claus came out to see what was going on. She told us to pick up all the orange pieces of foam immediately before someone slipped on them and then went back into her kitchen. We all stood quietly for a moment, watching to see what Santa would say, but he just gave one of his famous winks and laughed as he put the Nerf Gun back down.

I do love working in Santa’s workshop - there’s never a dull day.

Ooh it’s time for our third cake break of the day, so I’d better go. Hope you’re all having fun getting ready for Christmas small folks.

I may be small but I’m sending you big Christmas hugs!

Davis - H.E (Head Elf) x


Hello children - Mrs Claus here.

Goodness me, what a morning it’s been here at The North Pole! I decided I wanted to tell you all about it. It started off quite normally with me baking Santa and the Elves a big chocolate cake for breakfast. Chocolate is Santa’s favourite, mine too, so I made lots of warm custard and we all sat and ate together in the big dining room - yum yum.

Not long after we’d started work for the day, making lots of lovely toys, Ollie - one of the very littlest Elves - came to me and said that he’d really like to send Santa a Christmas card this year. ‘What a good idea,’ I thought. We don’t have a Clintons Cards in The North Pole and homemade cards are so much more personal, so I decided we should all make cards for Santa. I got lots of pairs of scissors, some pritt stick, stickers, jems and sheets of card, then - while Santa was out visiting the reindeers - we all set to work.Ollie drew a picture of Santa with a big round belly and an even bigger smile on his face. It did make me laugh! And our Head Elf Davis drew every single one of the reindeers - his card was the biggest one of all. Some of the others cut pretty Christmas pictures out of magazines, while others glued sequins to their cards, to look like big drops of snow. They all looked absolutely fantastic. Then we all wrote a few lines to Santa in our cards, wishing him a wonderful Christmas and telling him how much he means to us. When Santa came back a little later, he was so surprised! He sat in his big armchair and opened each card and his smile got bigger with every one. He was so pleased at the love and effort that had gone into them all. When they were all opened, I stood them up around our living room and it made the place look just lovely.

Why don’t you try making a homemade Christmas card for your mummys and daddys this year? You can cut Christmas pictures out of magazines, or even draw them yourself. Write a lovely poem inside and they’ll think it’s even better than the most expensive card you could buy in a shop. I promise.

Speak to you all soon, precious ones.

Love, Mrs Claus xx


HO ho ho and a Merry Christmas to all the lovely children of South Yorkshire!

Now, some of you may know me as Father Christmas, or maybe I’m Saint Nicholas in your house? Well boys and girls, you can simply call me ‘Santa.’

I live in a wonderful place that you’ll never manage to find on any map because it’s hidden in a magical realm deep inside The North Pole. Have you heard of The North Pole? It’s been my home for thousands of years and I live there with my lovely wife, Mrs Claus, my friends the Elves and my faithful team of reindeers. We also have two snow dogs called Jess and Clyde and a pet hamster called Dinkus. We absolutely love it there, and what’s not to love? It snows every single day, our reindeers can fly with a twitch of their noses and we are start every morning off with a delicious mug of hot chocolate - with three marshmallows! Always with three marshmallows.

Now some of your mums and dads may not have even started thinking about Christmas yet, but here in the North Pole, our planning starts quite a bit earlier. After a couple of months off, where we have lots of snowball fights and read books infront of a roaring fire, we get down to work about March time and spend ten whole months making all the toys and gifts I will need to fill my magical sleigh on Christmas Eve. December is always the most eventful month by far in Santa’s workshop, you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I could tell you! Well, I’ve decided that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I know how much people love to get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek, so this year I’m going to keep in touch with you all and let you know how we’re all getting on here at The North Pole as we count down to Christmas Day. Mrs Claus and the Elves might have a story or two to tell too.

There’s bound to be plenty of excitement - and probably an occasional disaster - but that’s just what makes my job so very interesting. Besides, a pinch of magical reindeer dust and a wiggle of my nose is usually enough to put things right again.

My lovely friends at The Star are going to print all my stories for you so stay tuned, won’t you?

Until next time my wee ones, be good.

I’ll see you all in 17 sleeps...

Love, Santa