Talented tumbler Jordan on TV

A YOUNG Sheffield gymnast has appeared on national TV following his incredible success on internet site YouTube.

Jordan Ramos is an internet superstar at the age of just 12 - after videos of his tumbling talents were posted on the website, attracting over half a million hits within only a few days.

Jordan, a pupil at Ecclesfield School who lives in Chapeltown, even appeared on the BBC’s breakfast show to talk about his success.

The British Tumbling Champion, who also landed sixth place in the world competition this year, was joined on the show by his father, stuntman Marcelo de Ramos, who has appeared on Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Jordan said: "I can't believe the whole world has been watching my video!”

Marcelo added: “If his video can be an inspiration to other children and encourage them to take up a sport of any kind this will be a really good positive achievement.

“It great that children and young people have sporting heroes to inspire them, but alongside that there is a real need for young people to be able to relate to their role models on the same level.”

Jordan’s video has also been shown on Skynews and the BBC’s Newsround programme.

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