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ALL power to the Occupy Sheffield crew who’ve pitched up their tent outside the city’s Cathedral.

It’s not quite Russia 1917 is it? But The Diary respects anyone who’s willing to kip under canvas on mid-November concrete for the sake of their principles. Got to say, though, I’d have been far more encouraged if several weren’t drinking cider at 1pm and there wasn’t a dog relieving itself on a church bollard.

NOT, I should make it clear, that I have any moral objection to drinking cider at 1pm.

I’m just not sure being wasted on White Lightning is conducive to bringing down global capitalism.

WHEN The Diary claimed there was a burlesque craze sweeping South Yorkshire this summer, there were accusations it only did so as an excuse to feature a hot girl in fishnets during the dry news days of August.

How very rude. Although possibly not 100 per cent inaccurate.

In any case, it seems, maybe we were onto something after all. For just a couple of weeks since Mexborough artiste Rachel Lightfoot (aka Deadly Nightshade) announced she was taking bookings for office Christmas parties, it seems The Leadmill is also now getting in on the (strip tease) act.

The legendary club is holding its first burlesque night in its 30-year history on November 30.

Now if that doesn’t make it a craze, I don’t know what does. Unfortunately, no pictures this time, chaps.

A QUICK question on the Secret Millionaire who has just donated tens of thousands of pounds to three charities as part of the Channel Four reality show: am I being too cynical to wonder if he’d have gone undercover without the TV cameras rolling?

AND finally regular readers will remember The Diary featured an appeal on behalf of the City Hall recently asking for a rehearsal piano.

Heart-warming to hear, on the back of the article, three have now been donated. I knew you were a generous lot.