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NEWS reaches us that a new episode of cult Channel Four reality show Come Dine With Me has been being filmed around Sheffield.

The programme, which features four foodies competing for £1,000 by cooking for each other, will be shown in January.

Apparently, the group got on well - much to the chagrin of producers who like a spot of tension for entertainment value.

A SHAME that Sheffield legend Michael Palin was none-too-impressed with BBC4 comedy drama Holy Flying Circus because, after now seeing it on the iPlayer, I agree with all the critics: it was a stunning homage to Monty Python.

The 68-year-old complained the fiction-based-on-fact film – about the controversy surrounding the 1979 release of Life Of Brian – was inaccurate.

Well, yeah. Obviously. Palin’s wife and mother were played by men, John Cleese turned into Darth Vader during one scene, and aliens were shown monitoring earth in another. Realism, I’d suggest, was never top of the writer’s priority list.

But, then, it’s not like Monty Python ever stuck to convention, is it?

With its surrealist humour, animation sequences, cutaway sketches and constant referencing, it was a Pythonesque delight.

And it’s still on the iPlayer if you haven’t seen it. Recommended by The Diary, if not by Palin.

IT seems, just days after the proposal was officially launched, debate on whether a memorial for 19th century libertarian Edward Carpenter should be installed in Sheffield is already up and running.

And that’s just in the mind of one Diary reader.

Paul Kenny writes in to say that on the one hand he doesn’t agree with the possible installation - potentially a large sandal in Tudor Square - because the activist was born in Sussex, educated in Cambridge, spent most of his northern life in Derbyshire and died in Surrey.

And on the other hand, Paul? “The idea of a giant sandal is quite amusing,” he writes.