Support bands named for park music festival

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FESTIVAL organisers have named a string of Doncaster bands who will take part in an event in Sandall Park later this month.

Goodfellas, Winding Sheet, Bloodshot, 48Ks and Cheap Spirits will be the supporting acts at the Fake Festivals show in the park on Saturday May 21.

They will be on the stage before a number of high profile bands - Blondied, Oasish and Four Fighters - tribute bands to Blondie, Oasis and Foo Fighters.

Goodfellas are also a covers band who perform indie songs.

Winding Sheet, who have already completed two UK tours in just over a year are a four-piece original band who play their own material.

Bloodshot are another covers band who play songs by groups including The Beatles, REM and AC-DC.

The other two groups, 48Ks and Cheap Spirits also perform their own material.

Festival goers will have the opportunity to see the support bands perform from 12.30pm.

Organiser Jez Lee said: “We feel that Fake Festivals is the perfect platform for unsigned artists to showcase their talent in front of a friendly local crowd. We provide them with a main stage area and an amazing sound and lighting system for their performance, something unsigned artists do not normally have the chance of.”