Super fresh milk is an udder success for Sheffield company

Our Cow Molly'From Cow to Coffee in 4 hours 'Ed Andrews from the dairy
Our Cow Molly'From Cow to Coffee in 4 hours 'Ed Andrews from the dairy
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THERE’S nothing better than a hot cuppa on a cold day - and the people at Our Cow Molly know it.

That’s why the family-run Sheffield company is proud to say it has never missed a delivery - in 66 years of producing milk in the face of snow storms, black ice and winter floods.

“People rely on us and we take that very seriously,” said Ed Andrew, whose grandfather Hector started the dairy farm back in 1947 with just 10 cows.

“When the snow was really bad two years ago, all the big-name supermarkets ran out of milk, but the local shops we supply to didn’t.

“It’s definitely hard work when the elements are against you, but we’ve never failed to pull it off.”

Days begin early on the Dungworth farm, which is just four miles from the city centre.

Milking gets underway at 4am, followed by pasteurising, bottling, loading and delivery - all before 9.30am.

“Our milk comes straight from the cows and can be in your coffee by 10am,” said Ed.

“It’s pretty rare these days to be able to drink milk that came from the cow that same morning, and we often joke that the only way to beat us is if you had your own cow in your back garden.”

And there’s a reason freshness is so important.

“Everything that is good in milk, all the vitamins and proteins, begins to deteriorate as soon as it leaves the cow,” explained Ed.

“Milk taken fresh that morning is obviously going to have more goodness than milk that’s been sitting on a supermarket shelf for four days.”

It is this logic that has sent Our Cow Molly orders through the roof in the past 18 months, with 800 litres of milk being delivered to 30 cafes and 900 homes across Sheffield every day.

“Word of mouth has been the best advertising we could hope for,” said Ed.

“Milk that hasn’t had time to deteriorate makes velvety, silky froth which is a no-brainer for coffee shops, and the word has spread quickly that that’s what we offer.

“We’re proud of the knowledge that everything we produce is as good as it can be.”

Today, the company has more than 80 cows and is now also well known for its ice cream, which it began producing back in 2005.

It is also still very much a family-run business, with Ed’s mum, dad and brother all actively involved in its day-to-day runnings.

“This is a real Sheffield business,” said Ed.

“We’re a Sheffield family, our staff are from Sheffield, the stickers for the milk cartons are printed by a Sheffield firm, and our sugar comes from a Sheffield company.

“We like that our profits are ploughed right back into the city.”