Stunt scooters take off at skate parks

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STUNT scooters are the latest craze to hit Doncaster’s skate parks, according to the town’s former British champion skateboard expert.

Mini scooters may have started out as a novelty for London commuters a few years ago.

But Steve Gratton reckons they are now being used to perform acrobatic manoeuvres by youngsters across Doncaster.

Steve - who is involved with the Area 51 user group at Sprotbrough Skate Park - said 16 youngsters took part in a competition using the scooters at the Sprotbrough Skate Jam competition at the venue over the weekend.

The figure compares to just two who took part last year.

Steve said: “They seem to be really catching on now.

“I think these things used to be a bit of a fold-up novelty once, but now they are making them more robust and we are starting to see them on the skate park all the time.

“We are seeing more and more of them. They are doing double back flips on these little scooters over big ramps.

“I think they see them as a cross between a BMX and a skate board, where they get the best of both worlds.

“They are a bit like a skateboard with handlebars.”

Steve said that it was vital that parents of children who took scooters to skate parks were safety-conscious.

He said: “It’s important children who head off to a skate park with these are supervised, and it is also vital that they were a helmet to make sure they’re safe.”

Area 51’s competition this year, featured a freestyle scooter competition, which was won by 10-year-old Kurtis Morris, from Intake, Doncaster. Runner-up was Jay Gratton, from Sprotbrough.

More than 400 people attended the Skate Jam event.

Area 51 wants to extend the skate park on Anchorage Lane and has planning permission to do so.

But Sprotbrough Parish Council owns the site and does not plan to make it any bigger than it already is.