South Yorks girl new Heinz baked beans TV ads voice

Top job: Frankie Mae Taylor.
Top job: Frankie Mae Taylor.
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she’s already making waves in the world of showbusiness – at the age of seven.

Doncaster schoolgirl Frankie Mae Taylor has appeared in an episode of Casualty on BBC1 and, this week, heads to London for yet another recording session - as the new voice of Heinz baked beans.

Her voice will be used as part of a new national ad campaign to promote the household name food.

Frankie’s proud mum Michaela, 33, said: “I was a bit worried when her agent called about reading the script for the advert, as Frankie had just lost her two front teeth and I thought she might have trouble getting the words out!

“But she got the job and she was really pleased. She absolutely loves any kind of acting and we’re happy for her to do it while she’s still enjoying it.”

On Saturday night, Michaela as well as Frankie’s dad Ryan and her sisters Morgan, 13, and ten-year-old Ebony, crowded around the television at the family home in Lower Pasture in Finningley to watch Casualty.

In the harrowing episode, a school coach crash had killed the sister of Frankie’s character, Amy Amson. It was Amy who convinced her on-screen mum to donate her sister’s vital organs to help someone else.

Michaela, who makes dance costumes for a living, added: “When we were looking over the script, Frankie asked me about donor cards and what they meant.

“She asked if she could have one and her sisters have also signed up.”

Last year, St Oswald’s Academy pupil Frankie played Sheridan Smith as a little girl in Sky show, Little Crackers.