Son's death arrest anger

A GRIEVING Sheffield mum was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter following the death of her beloved 10-year-old son from an asthma attack.

Claire Humberstone, aged 29, said she had to delay Dante Kamara's funeral after she was arrested at her Sheffield home four days after his death by police - who turned up in a riot van with dogs and pepper spray.

The bereaved mum-of-three, who is five months' pregnant, was taken to Ecclesfield police station where she was kept in custody for eight hours, questioned and had her fingerprints and DNA taken.

A week after her release she was told by her solicitor she would not be charged.

Claire, of Shirehall Crescent, Shiregreen, told The Star: "I am a broken woman but I have to be strong for my other children. Sometimes I just feel like I don't want to go on. Why did I had to suffer like that and why couldn't I bury my son when he should have been buried?

"His body was in a real state by the time we were allowed to bury him.

"I was treated like a criminal and I was a grieving mother - it's made everything worse.

"I'm a good mum who loves my kids dearly. I always looked after Dante's condition well and I did everything I could to help save his life the day he died."

Dante, a pupil at Beck Primary School, Shiregreen, was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two.

But his condition didn't stop him growing into a happy, healthy youngster who loved playing cricket, football, computer games and watching The Simpsons with his brothers Kayden, 13, Roman, three and sister Amelia, two.

On the day he died Dante had stayed off school because of a cough.

When his condition deteriorated he visited the GP surgery and was seen by a nurse who gave him antibiotics for a chest infection. But when Dante started struggling for breath an ambulance was called and he was rushed to Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Claire said: "I was absolutely hysterical and screaming.

"I couldn't believe what was happening. In my heart I knew my son wasn't going to make it."

Doctors battled in vain to save Dante's life and he died a short time later.

Heartbroken Claire said she visited her son in the chapel of rest every day until she was arrested. He was eventually buried at Shiregreen Cemetery.

Claire, whose home has been turned into a shrine to Dante, with pictures of him on the walls and floral tributes in the garden, said: "I miss him every day and I just can't believe this has happened to me, it's torn me apart."

Det Chf Insp Clive Wain, from South Yorkshire Police, said: "This is a sensitive and tragic case but in the circumstances we would have been neglecting our duty had we not taken the action we did at the time.

"Claire is fully aware of the reasons for her arrest which have been discussed with her and her solicitor.

"We did send a task force around to the house with a dog handler who carried pepper spray for the dog as a matter of procedure after a risk assessment was undertaken based on previous information.

"Claire was arrested as a potential suspect but we tried to be as sensitive and tactful as we could."


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