Skate park campaign at recreation ground

Think bike: Barbara Hedley with youngsters backing her the BMX track plan.          Picture: Steve Taylor
Think bike: Barbara Hedley with youngsters backing her the BMX track plan. Picture: Steve Taylor
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PLANS are being drawn up to bring a skate and BMX park to a Doncaster village for the first time.

Thorne and Moorends town councillor Barbara Hedley is pushing for the facility after youngsters told her that they wanted somewhere to take their bikes and skateboards.

She is hoping it will keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

She said: “I’ve been working on this for a number of months. We want a skate park for the people of Moorends at the recreation ground, off Grange Road.

“At the moment, I don’t think the kids have got anywhere to play, so they’re on the roads playing. I’ve received letters from young children asking if we can have a skate park for Moorends.”

Mrs Hedley has already been handed a 600 name petition calling for the skate park, signed by parents and grandparents who are supporting the idea.

She is now talking to Doncaster Council officers about what can be done in terms of applying for funding for the scheme.

She is also in talks over a possible agreement to get the building work carried out free of charge.

She said she was hoping to raise around £100,000 towards the funding of the project.

The proposal is due to be discussed next month by Thorne and Moorends Town Council.

Coun Hedley said she does not expect unanimous support for the proposals but is hoping to get the project started before the end of the year.

She would also like the multi-use games area in the recreation ground to be moved further away from its current location near the bowling greens in the park.

She said: “The site we are thinking of is just grass at the moment. It would be right away from the cricket, bowling and rugby. They would be able to play merrily without interference.

“The only other possibility I could see would he at Darlington Park, but we would need to take into account the old people who live near there.”

The land belongs to the miners welfare organisation CISWO, but is leased out to Thorne and Moorends Town Council.

The nearest skate park to Moorends at present is Wyke Gate Road in Thorne, a mile and a half away.