Sheffield school promotes pupils’ attendance

BANNMI''Chaucer School students with their giant banner.
BANNMI''Chaucer School students with their giant banner.
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THIS banner’s a beauty!

Pupils at Sheffield’s Chaucer School were challenged to come up with dazzling designs to back a new attendance campaign.

The Parson Cross secondary is working to achieve attendance levels of 95 per cent as part of a drive to push up standards and improve results.

The winning form was 8RN, who created a giant version of their banner to display in a prominent position on the school campus - so it can be seen by the whole community.

Chaucer is now part of a family of schools run by Crosspool’s Tapton Academy, and new headteacher Scott Burnside said the secondary was going from strength to strength.

“Attendance rates are rising rapidly and there is a relentless focus from everyone on teaching and learning,” he said.

“We want our students to achieve their dreams and be confident, successful and responsible people.

“As they move on into their chosen pathway to employment, excellent attendance and high aspirations from everyone will allow us to make sure our students are ready to survive and succeed in the ever changing world.”

Mr Burnside added: “Each student being at school every day will give them the best springboard to achieving their dreams because maximum effort every day coupled with powerful learning and self-belief will mean there are no limits to what they can achieve.”

The attendance drive is part of a campaign by executive head David Bowes to give pupils a ‘world class education’.

Some teachers are working at both schools to ensure cutting edge teaching is being introduced in a range of subjects.