Sheffield pub comedy gets laughs from spilt beer

HARRIET DYER (COMEDIAN PROMOTION PHOTOGRAPHY 06.02.2014)'Photo by Barry Mellor Photography
HARRIET DYER (COMEDIAN PROMOTION PHOTOGRAPHY 06.02.2014)'Photo by Barry Mellor Photography
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Comedy night, Lescar pub

Tonight was a mix of an Edinburgh preview and a general comedy night.

Barry Dodds was MC. He had a bit of an unlucky start, when just after he had said hello one chap carrying a tray of drinks managed to drop three pints. Naturally, he worked this for laughs and was well rewarded with them.

Jared Shooter was filming his set for his entry to the BBC New Act Competition. As is the law with filming, things immediately went pear shaped when one chap on the front legged it in the manner of someone whose dinner is about to make a reappearance.

Jared got good laughs by just peering in the direction of the loo, until this chap popped back announcing he had a nosebleed.

Jared has a good set, but one which involves a certain amount of audience interaction, which as first act wasn’t as forthcoming as it might have been.

Scott Walker of the firm handshake was on second. He has a good presence, a confident delivery and good pacing. His material is decent but he needs a killer line.

I think with his competence in delivery a banker of a line to win the audience over will stand him in good stead and he could really rock a few venues.

Harriet Dyer started off with an observational gag, which got a nice response.

She did split the room a bit with her delivery. She never stayed still but appeared to be exercising and stretching on the spot.

The main event was Geoff Norcott with his preview of The Book Of Moron. He began by dealing with a couple who were talking, by heckling them in character.

He’s really good at characterisation, bringing people to life in a way that is a positive bonus to his set.

The Errol Flynn section seemed a bit convoluted and didn’t deliver as much as the set-up promised but the rest of the hour was thoroughly enjoyable. He had a fluency that really sold the material.

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