Sheffield diamond duo get a precious reward

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A DOUBLE diamond works wonders...

That’s especially true when you’re talking about weight loss.

Tracey Taylor

Tracey Taylor

These two ladies, who both run Weight Watchers classes, are certainly proof of that.

Introducing Tracey Taylor from Hillsborough and Jackie Hetherington who lives in Chapeltown.

They’ve just picked up prestigious Diamond Leader Awards from Weight Watchers.

The two lasses got the awards for shed loads of reasons – including their own achievement in shedding loads of weight. Between them the girls have lost a whopping eight stone. But not only that. Over the years they have helped loads of other people – women and an increasing amount of men – in the Hillsborough area to shed loads of weight too.

What makes their diamond achievement even more special is the award is given out only every two years.

And for two ladies who run Weight Watchers classes so near to each other to each win one is very rare indeed.

Jackie, aged 42, runs eight Weight Watchers meetings a week in the High Green, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield and Southey Green areas.

And Tracey, also aged 42, runs five meetings a week.

She covers Grenoside, Hillsborough and Millhouses.

Jackie said: “We’ve both been leaders for just over 11 years.

“We were both absolutely delighted when we were handed our awards at a very glamorous ceremony at the Midland Hotel in Manchester.”

Nowadays Jackie says she is welcoming more men than ever to her classes.

She added: “I have to say that sometimes it’s the men who do especially well. I think the reason that men do so well is that when they have their mind set on something they do all they can to make it happen.

“They are determined and hit their target.”