Scientist sets world record whipping up ice cream in flash

CHEMIST Andrew Ross really got a moo-ve on when he tipped freezing liquid nitrogen into a tub of whipping cream - and scooped the world speed record for making a litre of ice cream.

Watched by hundreds of people at Cliffe House Farm in Dungworth - and timed by council leader Paul Scriven and two independent observers - Andrew smashed the record with a time of 10.34 seconds.

The previous record was 18.78 seconds, but the Sheffield University PhD student used his touch with liquid nitrogen - at a temperature of -198C - combined with some really vigorous stirring to whip the previous best.

Chef and ice cream specialist, Chris Hawkins, of Sheffield College, was on hand to declare ice cream had been created and he, Coun Scriven and Lord Mayor Coun Alan Law all confirmed it tasted delicious!

The record attempt was the finale of the five-day Sheffield Food Festival.

Andrew, aged 25, of Hillsborough, said he was thrilled with the result.

He added: "It was the perfect chance to show science is in our everyday lives and not just something people in white coats do in labs."

Now photos and videos will be sent to Guinness for confirmation.

The stunt was dreamt up by farmer Eddie Andrew who produces Our Cow Molly ice cream.

He said: "The university has a fantastic chemistry department and they do a great job inspiring young people to study chemistry after school. Our ice cream record is radical and wouldn't have been possible without skilled chemists."

The farm came up with a number of new flavours including cappuccino and Bakewell tart.

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