Roll up as Circus Vegas arrives in Sheffield

Circus Vegas.Circus Vegas ringmaster Kim Kenneth
Circus Vegas.Circus Vegas ringmaster Kim Kenneth
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ROLL up, roll up - there’s a real Las Vegas circus in town!

Sword swallowing, illusions and a thrilling globe of death - where three bikers ride in the same metal cage - are replacing the usual attractions of swings and slides at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield.

And crowds of people are queuing up to watch daring feats from Circus Vegas, which is in the UK for the first time.

Danish ringmaster Kim Kenneth, who also performs illusions in the show, said the reaction from Sheffield folk so far had been ‘fantastic’ with a full house on the first day.

He added: “The Sheffield audience’s favourite act is probably the bikers on the globe of death.

“You can see people’s faces and that they are thinking ‘they’re not all going to go in there are they?’

“There is room for 1,000 people here but we try to make it a Circus Vegas living room, very intimate. We really try to pull the people in.”

Vegas Circus has been going for 20 years but its acts come from Brazil, Hungary and all over the world.

It aims to give the audience a modern twist on the traditional American circus.

Brothers Joseph and John Bakutza, who break steel bars and pull trucks, are known as the strongest men in showbusiness.

Other stars are the acrobats, a comedian and Kim’s partner Jessica Caveagna - who uses her mouth to balance knives and swords while climbing through fire.

Kim added: “It’s very important to get the right balance of comedy, drama, excitement and beautiful girls. Not too much of each ingredient - it’s like baking a cake!

“We are an extremely varied show, there is something for everyone.

“You don’t need kids to come but they will love it.”

Circus Vegas is at Hillsborough Park until Sunday, April 15, on its first British tour - with Barnsley possibly its next stop.

Performances take place at 2pm and 5pm today, Sunday and Easter Monday. On weekdays they are at 4pm and 7pm.