Revise rules on keeping dogs

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FEW would disagree that there needs to be a well understood rule about keeping dogs in council flats, considering the disruption and dirt they can cause.

But that rule needs to be revised.

And not only because it is being used to separate a young mum from her pet dog which warns her when she is about to suffer a hypoglycemic attack, brought on by her diabetes.

This is a clear case where the dog does far more good than any harm it could manage. It is a potential lifesaver.

However, the strict rule of no-dogs is a blunt instrument used to save anyone from common sense judgements.

In this day and age when people, particularly the elderly, are living ever more isolated and lonely lives, pets are taking on increasingly important roles.

They are often the only living soul some people speak to in the course of a day or more. And many would argue that you get a lot more sense out of them than from some people!

The rules need to be reviewed to see if more exceptions can be made. And that should ensuring that people accept their responsibilities to others when they adopt a dog.

Involve community at all the stages

SHEFFIELD is proud of its reputation as a green city, in terms of how many trees and bushes are to be found within the boundaries.

But that has not stopped a row breaking out in the Crookes district where plans to plant 10 heavy standard trees on a recreation ground have been stalled by a protest.

Worried about various issues, including losing views across the outer reaches of the city, scores of residents turned up at a public meeting to complain.

What is annoying is the fact that these proposals were well advanced before they came under public scrutiny.

The lesson here is to involve the community at all levels and at all stages.

Money saving step

SUDDENLY the question of imposing an elected mayor on to the city of Sheffield has taken on a dimension that local people can understand.

So far all the talk has been how the change will be good for democracy and governance, with hardly any cast iron examples put forward to ease explanation. However, now it has been suggested that the high-paid chief executive of Sheffield City Council could see his job axed or responsibilities diminished.

And that, we imagine, would lead to money saving.

That is a concept people can understand and we are sure they would welcome a move which could begin a cascade through the town hall of salaries of a more realistic proportion than the present mega-buck pay being handed out.

Got a view? Leave a comment below.

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