Residents club together to finally change embarrassing street name

IT'S been the butt of smutty jokes for years...

But now fed-up residents on South Yorkshire's most embarrassingly named street - Butt Hole Road - have finally ended the jokes.

The residents on the Conisbrough street have clubbed together to change its name to Archers Way.

People living on the street had stopped seeing the funny side over jibes and groups of tourists gathering to have their pictures taken next to the sign - with some even baring their backsides for the camera.

Delivery firms had refused to believe it existed and signs had even been prised off and stolen.

Coaches of American tourists had even been known to make detours to view the sign after it appeared in a US book and was pictured on the internet. It became well known after The Star revealed thieves had been targeting the signs six years ago.

One family even sold up and left because they were so sick of living on the street and groups of youths baring their buttocks bared for photos.

Now families in the street have paid 300 to give the street its new name.

Taxi driver Peter Sutton, who moved in six years ago, said he thought it would be fun living on the street because of the name - but said he soon got bored of all the jokes.

Retired nurse Elizabeth Brennan, 77, who uses the street for access to her home, said: "It was a bit tedious having the street laughed at all the time. The new name is much nicer."

Resident Marita Swann said she was pleased with the new name and said it had been changed with the support of residents on the street.

But jokers have already started an internet petition to get the name changed back again.

Joanne Tomlin, aged 20, a student from Sheffield University, is among those who have signed a Facebook petition to restore the old name.

Butt Hole Road is believed to be named after a communal water butt used centuries ago.

Archers Way was chosen as the road is just half a mile from historic Conisbrough Castle.

A Doncaster Council spokesman said: "I can confirm that Butt Hole Road was changed to Archers Way on the April 22. Residents are paying for a new sign."

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