Reporters get mobile with videos filmed for our new-look wesbite

Pupils at Westways Primary School take part in a debate as part of Local Newspaper Week
Pupils at Westways Primary School take part in a debate as part of Local Newspaper Week
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Life as a journalist has always been full of new challenges but never more than in today’s digital era.

We still ask questions, hunt for answers and write stories but there is much more to the job than many of us could ever have imagined a decade or so ago.

There have been videos on The Star’s website for several years but what is changing now is reporters and feature writers will be filming their own while out on the job.

We have new kit to film, edit and upload to the website without even having to return to the office.

It means we can offer more on our new-look website which went live on Monday.

As well as all the usual coverage, articles and photos in the paper we will be able to give you video interviews with the people we meet and the places we go.

One of the best things about being a journalist is the access it allows you to events and celebrities so it is great to be able to share that with our readers in a new way.

However, it is impossible for our team to be everywhere all the time so if you see something which you think would make a nice video for our website then press record.

You can email video clips through to us and, as we always have done with reader photographs, use as many of them as we can.

If you aren’t sure of the kind of video we are after then give yourself a tour of our new website.

There are lots of changes designed to make it easier and quicker for you to find the stories you want to read.

We hope you’ll find it simpler to access the latest on your football team regardless of whether you support United or Wednesday.

We have also divided the news into a range of sections so you can get straight to what interests you most – crime, business, campaigns or health.

As always we would love to hear your feedback to get in touch with your suggestions – good or bad – and don’t forget to keep emailing us those videos and photos to share with the rest of Sheffield.