Relatives' shock over hotel reception job for killer

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RELATIVES of a South Yorkshire man murdered in an ambush organised by his wife have spoken of their shock on discovering she has been released from prison and is now working in a hotel.

Pat Bulmer, aged 48, is one of three killers recently released from jail and working at the same hotel - the Travelodge in Piccadilly, York.

She is living in a probation hostel and working as a receptionist while fellow killers Linda White and Julie Richardson are employed as cleaners as part a prison scheme to rehabilitate them.

Bulmer, who was 32 at the time of her husband Robert's murder in 1994, was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 16 years behind bars for luring him into an ambush and watching as her lover knifed him to death.

The pair tried to pass the attack off as a mugging and the mum-of-one planned the murder to cash in on his 32,500 insurance policy.

Bulmer is working at the hotel alongside Julie Richardson, 42, who was jailed for burning her dad with a hot iron before beating and kicking him to death, and Linda White, 55, who repeatedly stabbed her partner in the face and body after a row.

Robert Bulmer's sister, Hepsy, said she was outraged the three killers had been given jobs. She said: "It's disgusting. What are the authorities thinking of?

"I don't suppose the customers know a thing. If you're staying at a hotel you don't expect to find three killers working there."

The trio applied for jobs at the hotel in Piccadilly, York, while serving their life sentences at Askham Grange Prisonjust outside the city.

Jean Taylor, founder of Families Fighting for Justice, - which campaigns for life sentences to mean life - said: "I am not shocked, but I am disgusted that this continues to happen. I am all for rehabilitation but not for anyone who snuffs someone's life out because they lost control. They should spend the rest of their lives in prison."

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "Prisoners may be released to work only after they meet strict criteria and pass a rigorous risk assessment. Only those assessed as representing minimal risk of escape or risk of harm to the public are eligible."

Travelodge Operations Director Jon Hendry-Pickup defended the decision to employ the killers and said: "The workers from the rehabilitation programme are constantly assessed and have proven to be dedicated and hard-working individuals. They are motivated to make a better life for themselves and should be given every opportunity to succeed without prejudice."

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